If you have been diagnosed with ‘Fibromyalgia’ by physicians – neurologist, internist, pain management specialist etc. – it probably surprised you to land on our site. There are those that doubt the case histories. It must not have REALLY been Fibromyalgia in the first place, if it was completely resolved – dare I say “cured” – by making changes to the way the jaws fit. Perhaps it was a misdiagnosis. I understand the skepticism. After all they have been told that there is no such thing as a cure for Fibromyalgia which is ‘thought to be due to an overactive nervous system’. Doctors told them that Fibromyalgia can only be 'managed’ for the rest of their lives; with medications such as Lyrica, that dull the whole nervous system like a dimmer switch.

Doctors also used to ‘know’ that stomach ulcers can NOT be caused by bacteria. Those that proved them wrong won a Nobel Prize in medicine!

If you are looking for a solution for your condition and you are not willing to accept your Fibromyalgia as a life sentence, read on. But if you only needed a ‘label’ or an explanation, for the various symptoms you have been experiencing and are glad to find out that it has a name -‘Fibromyalgia, then this site is not for you.

For some people it is a relief to have a “diagnosis”, a name for the inexplicable and weird pain symptoms that they were experiencing. There are no outward signs such as bleeding, swelling or broken bones, pointing to a cause. It is certainly better than thinking that the pain, fatigue and other symptoms were “just in their heads”. But does it really help the suffering to have a name? While there are many medications to “manage” the symptoms, the prospect of taking powerful drugs with significant side effects, for the rest of their lives is not a pleasant prospect for some. Others are quite content to take the medications just as long as the symptoms diminish. Is there even a ‘solution’ available rather than a life time of pharmaceutical management?

Suppose I notice the “check engine” light come on while I am driving. I have a couple of options. I could take my car to the repair shop. The mechanic would connect my car to the diagnostic computer to run tests, analyze the results and fix the source of the problem. It would probably cost a lot of money, but my car would remain serviceable for years to come. The ‘simpler’ option would be to disconnect the wire to the indicator light. That would cost a lot less money. But chances are the “problem” that led to the indicator coming on would continue to worsen until the car comes to a complete stop on the side of a road. Hopefully that won’t happen at night in an unsafe area during a rain storm.

These are actual case histories of people that I have treated in my practice:

Case History: Deana
Case History: Lisa
Case History: Moira


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