Chronic Migraine Headaches

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One of the options to restore the bite relation to neuromuscular harmony is through Neuromusucular functional orthodontics (NFO). If most of the teeth are natural, this is a viable option. Once the proper jaw relation is diagnosed with a Phase 1 orthotic, the teeth…along with their bone/ gum support are moved to this position.

Colleen had migraine since 1977. By the time she found us in 2007, only persistence had kept her going. A neurologist had diagnosed her condition as “hormonal migraine”. Later another neurologist diagnosed her condition as “mini strokes”. Pain management specialist gave an epidural steroid injection in the neck which did not help. A chiropractor stretched her spine with a traction machine but it did not help.

Colleen had tried many migraine medications to control her symptoms. She was taking Imitrex and Topamax when she came to us. Yet she was missing work as a dispatcher for a tow service most weeks due to “migraine” headaches. Her symptoms were:

Migraine attacks

Ear pain TMJ Pain
Ear pain

Neck Pain

Head pain
Jaw pain

Neck pain

Colleen's family was very skeptical about her “wasting a lot of money” on NMD, since nothing has worked before. But Colleen was not prepared to give up. Once her neuromuscular position was diagnosed and orthotic aligned her jaw, her symptoms improved immediately. Later NFO was used to move the teeth along with their bone / gum support to the neuromuscular position.

Colleen is enjoying her pain-free and medication-free life, thanks to Neuro Muscular Dentistry.

Corrected Mandibular - Lower arch form
Crooked teeth
Narrow Maxilla - Upper Jaw
Corrected Maxillary - Upper Arch form
Poor bite jaw relation
Bite corrected with Neuromuscular Orthotic
Teeth moved to the Correct Neuromuscular position
Finished bite relation

Success Story