Jaw Misalignment

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As a physician, Shaw realized that grinding in the jaw joints should not be ignored. He realized that over time, this could lead to serious problems with his TMJ. His bite was crooked when the teeth came together.

When he looked into solutions, the only option offered was orthognathic surgery. Orthodontic treatment, followed by jaw surgery and further orthodontia to finish the treatment.

Besides the risks of jaw surgery - general anesthesia, losing feeling on face due to nerve injury, among others - he did not have the years needed for this treatment plan.

So, even though he had no pain symptoms, Shaw opted to have his jaw realigned without surgery through Neuro Muscular dentistry. The treatment was finished through beautiful porcelain restorations to stabilize the position for long term.

The awesome new smile was a bonus! He certainly appreciates making a confident first impression when he meets his patients.

Before Picture 1
After Picture 1
Before Picture 2
After Picture 2