Chronic Migraine Headaches

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Migraine free Smile Annick was just 10 years old when I met her in 2005. She had a history of migraines for “most of her life” according to her. She was right. Her severe headaches started when she was in kindergarten! Even with daily medications that made her a bit sleepy, she still had almost daily headaches. Through Neuro Muscular Functional orthodontics a fairly large discrepancy in her bite / jaw / neck / head relation was corrected. Annick is a happy, healthy, head ache free and medication free teenager now.

Daily Migraines
Pre Treatment bite

Corrected bite After treatment
Corrected Jaw relation

Forward Neck Head posture
teeth moved to correct jaw position

Corrected Neck Head posture
Corrected Bite relation

The parents wrote this:

September 23, 2009
When Annick started kindergarten she began having such severe headaches she would have to leave school early. Usually, vomiting, sensitivity to light, and lack of appetite would accompany these headaches. After several visits to the pediatrician and a neurologist it was determined that she suffered from migraine headaches. The only treatment that was offered was a prescription for a daily medication, Periactin. The medication helped with the frequency and severity and of the headaches but did not eliminate them. As she grew, we needed to up the dosage of the medication but the headaches remained a part of her daily life. The migraines would occur every 10-12 days on groups of 3-4 occurring over the course of a week. Overall she suffered about 6-8 migraines monthly.

When we moved to Kansas City Dr. Raman was recommended to us. We were stunned to find out that Dr. Raman thought that not only could he help Annick with her situation but he believed he could eliminate Annick’s headaches. Annick started treatment in November 2005 with braces and an appliance. The process to realign her jaw and bite had begun. As the treatment progressed we noticed a decrease in the amount and the intensity of the headaches. Each step of the treatment was explained to us by Dr. Raman and his staff.

Almost four years later, on Annick’s fourteenth birthday, Dr. Raman removed her braces. The process involved complete jaw realignment, a new bite, repositioning teeth, braces, appliances, and many rubber bands. In addition the treatment, we slowly weaned Annick from her daily medication. As a result of Annick’s treatment and the care provided by Dr. Raman, Amy, Melissa, and his entire staff, Annick is now enjoying her teenage years headache free!

Nine years ago we were led to believe there was no treatment available for Annick but today she is proof that nothing is impossible. Thank you Dr. Raman, Amy, Melissa, and staff for giving us that dream.

Pat and Jacqueline Gerard